What is Digital HD FPV

For those aren’t very familiar with drone racing, it may probably be very surprising to know that Digital HD is not the standard in use. For many years, FVP (First Person View) pilots have been flying with an analog signal and it’s not the most reliable thing in the world. With cameras that aren’t made to showcase image quality as well as static during a flight, the pilots cannot reach their full potential. Whether they are just out for a freestyle or they are racing, having a clear image can be highly beneficial for FPV pilots.

Fortunately, easy to use consumer Digital HD FVP systems are here, with DJI designing one of the first fully integrated digital solutions that offers pilots 1080p/60fps video recording, 720p/120fps recording at very low latency, with the ability to broadcast your view for spectators to tune in.

DJI Digital HD FPV System

What is Digital HD FPV 1DJI Digital HD FPV System is one of the first Digital HD systems available for FPV drone racing that is ideal for filmmakers to use for creative purposes. It has four components:

  • The DJI FPV Camera: A 1080p camera
  • The DJI FPV Air Unit Module: An HD video transmitter
  • DJI FPV Goggles: A pair of goggles
  • The DJI FPV Remote Controller: A new remote

Dynamic Filming Capabilities

There are three different camera modes that the Digital HD FPV system offers. These include racing mode, standard mode, and LED mode. These modes make it easy for users to maneuver around obstacles in different scenarios.

  • Racing Mode: Ideal for most drone racing situations, this mode delivers images at high saturation rate in order to help easily distinguish bright and vivid objects e.g. course obstacles.
  • Standard Mode: As the name suggests, this mode preserves original details and captures the image with minimal color loss.
  • LED Mode: This mode is useful for racers as it increases color saturation to help them easily operate their units in low-light settings. It also reduces image noise which helps pilots keep track of their unit’s location.

Apart from drone racing, Digital HD FPV systems offer great filming capabilities. The ultra-wide-angle 150° lens creates a unique and dramatic perspective, while the 720p or 1080p footage can be easily integrated with videos captured by other recording devices.

The Ultimate Racing Experience

The four key components efficiently work together to provide the ultimate racing experience with integrated control. The customizable and responsive FPV remote controller uses a closed-loop 4-in-1 software that allows users to remotely adjust the different parameters of the other three components. DJI HDL FPV transmission technology offers a low end-to-end latency (28ms). Optimal racing experience is achievable thanks to reduced cross-channel interference and exclusive channel control for each operator.

The Digital HD FPV system from DJI is available in two bundle options. The FPV Experience Combo includes Air Units, two FPV cameras, FPV Goggles, with all the necessary antennas and wires. The FPV Fly More Combo adds the control but has only one Air Unit and camera. Digital HD FPV is the next innovative step forward in drone racing and opens a lot of possibilities for pilots, from beginners to experts.

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